Month: June 2015

Getting around Europe (Paris and London)

There are many options to get around Europe. From trains, buses or even by flight, one can easily travel between countries. My trip started in Switzerland where my good friends picked me up at the airport. I ended up taking a train to Germany to visit Family in Mannheim after spending a fabulous time in Switzerland. Trains are the most… Read more →

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is Germany’s 5th largest city and is the financial capital for the European Union. I went there for the day with Roman to meet up with Chris, who was an exchange student at my University, he showed us around. Chris and I viewing Frankfurt on top of the Main Tower   Deutsche Bank Twin Towers (Debit and Credit) Roman and… Read more →

The Autobahn (Video)

As you may know, driving differs in all countries. England, Australia and South Africa, just to name a few, all drive on the opposite side of the road than the United States. German highways aka Autobahns have no speed limits which I experienced first-hand and is everything I could have dreamed of. You won’t see police officers aiming their radars at… Read more →

Geneva to Neuchâtel, Switzerland

My Swiss friends all live near or in Neuchâtel just over an hour north of Geneva . It’s a small cute city on the beautiful Lake Neuchâtel which offers great clear water to jump in and swim non stop! We spent a great afternoon with my friend Roman, who flew in to join me in my adventure for two weeks. Enjoy some of… Read more →

The Alps, Fondue and Chocolate!

What do you think of when you hear the word Switzerland? Well I think of the Alps, fondue (its made with cheese, obviously) and chocolate! I had a great time getting a piece of all three in one day with some awesome friends. Enjoy these pictures of our day going up a mountain to eat fondue in the clouds, touring Cailler chocolate factory… Read more →

Strangers Becoming Friends: Teresa

I sat next to Teresa on the plane from Chicago to Dublin. We shared dinner together talking about where we come from and what we are up to. Teresa is a retired teacher with 10 grandchildren. She’s catching up on her traveling around world with her friends. I was inspired by her energy by how often she makes it a… Read more →

Pre-Trip Behavior

To start my great summer adventure I spent my last week in America with family and friends. I squeezed in a mini road trip, a kayaking trip and some repairs on my car in the few days before I left. I’m always up for a road trip, so way not Nebraska! A 10 hour drive with 12 combined hours of… Read more →