The Beginning of the Adventure and the Wedding!

The flight to Europe was great though I came way too early to the O’Hare and ended up sitting for a good two hours with zero flight delays. My connecting flight to Geneva, Switzerland had no issues and I arrived on time. I got my passport stamped and walked out of the terminal to see my good friend Jonathan waiting, looking anxiously for me. He had only waited 30 minutes for me which was perfect timing! Thank you, Jesus! We quickly grabbed a cup of coffee, paid for parking and entered the four-story parking garage searching for his car. Let’s just say Jonathan has a short memory for details, particularly as to where he parked his car!

Can you guess what the first thing I noticed in this European country that quickly grabbed my attention? The automobiles and roads! It is very different from our big and wide cars and roads. We drove one hour to Jonathan’s home and that’s when I quickly fell in love with Switzerland.

(Just a side note about my friend Jonathan. I met him when he came and spent 9 months in Kenosha, Wisconsin at Living Light school of Worship which is a Christian music school. I had attended the same school the previous year but with his sister, Salomi and now husband, Johan. Needless to say, when I arrived to their home, their family welcomed me warmly and heartedly and ended up hosting me this past week. Thank you so much!)

Anyway, the day continued and with only two hours of sleep, I was given the full tour of the town and even jumped into Lake Neuchâtel that day to enjoy the clean, Swiss water! I also had the honor in helping to set up the reception venue, which is one of my expertise. Come to think of it, just about every wedding that I travel to, I get the chance to do this type of work; not because I have to but I just happen to be at the right place at the right time.

Finally, the wedding day! I skipped the whole jet lag ordeal by being up for 37 hours and the sleeping for a good 12 hours Friday night. I was now ready for the joyful day. The weather was sunny but humid and sweaty; but really, could the weather be any better?! We traveled to the other side of the lake to an old church building that was probably built in the 17th century if not older (just don’t quote me on this). The wedding and reception were an amazing experience filled with games, good food, fun and getting to know people.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak French so I was introduced as the Russian that lives in America and I would nod and smile say “bonjour.” There were also a few awkward moments (until I got the hang of it) that involved the “Swiss” greeting of three light kisses on the cheek from all males to females. Either someone didn’t tell me about this cultural greeting or I wasn’t paying attention. However, I am now a pro at this, so watch out America!! LOL