Geneva to Neuchâtel, Switzerland

My Swiss friends all live near or in Neuchâtel just over an hour north of Geneva . It’s a small cute city on the beautiful Lake Neuchâtel which offers great clear water to jump in and swim non stop! We spent a great afternoon with my friend Roman, who flew in to join me in my adventure for two weeks. Enjoy some of these unfiltered photos! 

Roman just flew into Geneva, Joel and I took him out to the fountain.  IMG_7704 IMG_7708 IMG_7709 IMG_7711



Neuchatel Switzerland IMG_7787

IMG_7718 IMG_7720 IMG_7721


Jonathon and his sister are the best! Always having a fun time together with them.


Communicating through the arches!


Walking up the stairs like never before!

IMG_7738 IMG_7747 IMG_7743 IMG_7746 IMG_7771


IMG_7766 IMG_7767


The beautiful Lake Neuchatel. It’s one of the cleanest lakes I’ve swam in 🙂

IMG_7786 IMG_7791

Ice cream by the lake! Yes please!

IMG_7794 IMG_7798

We need a bigger chair now to enjoy the view


Swiss Watch please?!


McDonald’s are even to Swiss standards!

IMG_7811 IMG_7818

Awe best friends!!


Thanks for viewing!