Getting around Europe (Paris and London)

There are many options to get around Europe. From trains, buses or even by flight, one can easily travel between countries. My trip started in Switzerland where my good friends picked me up at the airport. I ended up taking a train to Germany to visit Family in Mannheim after spending a fabulous time in Switzerland.

Trains are the most convenient way to get around Europe, but it can get expensive; it generally costs more than a flight within Europe. If you plan to use a train more than 3 times, I would recommend getting a euro pass where you can visit most of Europe for one price and you can take advantage of it by using it as many times as you want. But like myself I had only planned to visit a few places. I did end up taking the high speed Deutsche Bahn train to Paris from Mannheim. I figured out it was worth saving the time traveling. I did get a deal for 120 euros a ticket where it took 2 hours compared to an 8 hour bus ride. If you have never been on a high speed train I’d recommend you do that at least once. Frances TVG and Germans Deutsche Bahn travel more than 180 mph. It’s pretty neat seeing the country side go by, and they usually display the train’s speed.

Buses are the cheapest way of getting around but the most time consuming. You can get a bus from Paris to London for around 40 Euros which we did, compared to 160 for a train ticket. The trick is to find a bus that travels in the night which makes it efficient because you’re saving time and money by not needing to find lodging for another night. Traveling across the English Channel is pretty cool too; there is a tunnel that the buses use at times but this time we got lucky and took the ferry which was another great experience.

Flying within Europe is relatively cheap compared to domestic American flights. Yes, you still have to mess with checking in and security but a ticket from London to Rome was only 50 USD; that’s a great deal; it was cheaper than any bus or train. Make sure you travel light with a carry on because you’ll end up paying another 50 USD to check in a bag; that’s where they make their money.

Here are some links of sites I used to find means of transportation: