Building Friendships in Italy

This summer is flying by! I arrived in in Europe on June 4th and have already visited 6 countries. During the last few weeks, I’ve been with a group of students from my university, touring Italy and visiting around 5 different regions (Rome, Trento, Venice, Cosenza/Calabria and Lecce). Now I’m in Finland taking a study abroad marketing class for 3 weeks. I have not had enough time to update my blog so here is my quick update. I also want to thank all of you who read this and have encouraged me to keep posting! I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have this amazing opportunity to travel with a group I only met a few weeks before I left. I’ve been building lifelong friendships with this group. Spending 2 weeks traveling with a group, you can learn so much about each other. Here is a few photos with captions, Enjoy! IMG_0338 After the first 2 days in Rome we were at the train station waiting for our night train to Trento. That’s the man in charge of the group, Abey! IMG_0455 Ray, our wine expert, at Mezzacorona touring the Winery. IMG_0462 Kody found what he was looking for, the biggest bottle. 😉 IMG_0518 Dinner with the hotel manager and local friends in Trento. IMG_0562 This happened often, waiting for trains. IMG_0579 Trento has beautiful scenery; it is surrounded by mountains. IMG_0651 Tyler and I going up the mountain, Dolomites. IMG_0687 Getting mobile service? IMG_0704 Venice. IMG_0726 IMG_0732 IMG_0754 Boat Taxi. IMG_0780 Visiting the Gino Mazzuccato glass making factory in Murano. IMG_0767 IMG_0772 With Gino Mazzuccato himself! IMG_0791 IMG_0798 Swimming in Venice …check on the bucket list! IMG_0813 During our last day in Venice, we had a final dinner in Burano. IMG_0987 Beach day in Tropea, South of Italy. IMG_0998 Tropea. IMG_1065 Our first dinner in Carpignano Salentino, near Lecce. IMG_1068 Our van for the 5 days in Lecce. IMG_1086 Visiting the Mayor of Carpignano Salentino. IMG_1088 Our “wanna-be” city council members. IMG_1099 IMG_1098 Chilling with some locals. IMG_1119 Visiting the University of Lecce. IMG_1143 Tour of CNH Fait Plant in Lecce. IMG_1177 The Professor! Representing UW Parkside! IMG_1196 One of the best meals we had! You would never find this place as a tourist! IMG_1198 Kayaking day! IMG_1294 Otranto. IMG_1318 Our final beach Day, Mediterranean Adriatic Sea!