Hello everyone! My name is Denis Guba, thanks for visiting my blog. To start, I’d like to share a little about myself, where I come from and where I am going.

I was born in a Christian family in the Soviet Union. In the late 80’s my parents packed up what they could carry, bundled up five kids and left the far-east to hightail it to the west. It took us eight months to arrive to the place we now call home for the past 25 years and more to come, Wisconsin!

My family’s eight month journey took us through Ukraine, Austria and Italy where my family spent four months waiting for permission to enter the United States. As an infant, a seed of traveling was planted in my heart.

Beginning in my early teens, I began traveling throughout the United States visiting over 30 of the 50 States. I have also been in 3 of the Canadian providences and Baja Mexico. I feel traveling comes naturally to me and soon I will travel the world! 

I’m a student at the University of Wisconsin Parkside in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I’m studying Business Finance and hope to soon pursue a career in the investment arena.

I have been blessed to take part in a study abroad program this summer, 2015. I will be going to Italy and Finland, but first I will make my way through Europe visiting family and friends. I have dreamed of getting off the American continent for quite some time now.

Why have I created this blog, you may ask? Well to share my adventures with everyone, of course! But ultimately I wish to share my experience hoping that something that I share may impact someone in some way. I hope you will be inspired by my posts to pursue your dreams and vision. To step out and do something that you may have thought of doing for a while but just never had the courage to actually try.

Happy trails!