Category: Day trips

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is Germany’s 5th largest city and is the financial capital for the European Union. I went there for the day with Roman to meet up with Chris, who was an exchange student at my University, he showed us around. Chris and I viewing Frankfurt on top of the Main Tower   Deutsche Bank Twin Towers (Debit and Credit) Roman and… Read more →

The Autobahn (Video)

As you may know, driving differs in all countries. England, Australia and South Africa, just to name a few, all drive on the opposite side of the road than the United States. German highways aka Autobahns have no speed limits which I experienced first-hand and is everything I could have dreamed of. You won’t see police officers aiming their radars at… Read more →

Geneva to Neuchâtel, Switzerland

My Swiss friends all live near or in Neuchâtel just over an hour north of Geneva . It’s a small cute city on the beautiful Lake Neuchâtel which offers great clear water to jump in and swim non stop! We spent a great afternoon with my friend Roman, who flew in to join me in my adventure for two weeks. Enjoy some of… Read more →

The Alps, Fondue and Chocolate!

What do you think of when you hear the word Switzerland? Well I think of the Alps, fondue (its made with cheese, obviously) and chocolate! I had a great time getting a piece of all three in one day with some awesome friends. Enjoy these pictures of our day going up a mountain to eat fondue in the clouds, touring Cailler chocolate factory… Read more →